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Chynna Wheel

Chynna Weierstall

Chynna Weierstall’s signature wheel.

59mm 92a -Β Support one of the best female skaters on the planet!


Gorilla Wheel

Gorilla Team Wheel

The proVoke team will is sporting an angry gorilla with the Detroit skyline in the background. Β All graphics are guranteed to last up to 11 seconds after coming into contact with air!

56mm 90a – Experience a new blend and a never-before-used manufacturer!


PVK Clothing

PVK Clothing

Roller brand clothing come and goes. Your favorite shirt goes out of stock and you have no way of getting a new one. We offer print-on-demand to ensure our shirts will live on regardless.

Thanks for your support!


The birth of proVoke wheels!


The Dropping of proVoke’s balls!

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